Whether you need a single home PC fixed or a server and 20 workstations installed at the office, VASTmicro can help. I have been helping clients keep their computer devices maintained for the past 25 years. The digital revolution has happened and now we’re all immersed in it every day. Our work, our services, and our daily lives all revolve around computer systems. No turning back now!


With this advancement has come the ability for a single person to achieve in minutes what used to take hours, days, or even weeks in the past. Email has given us a tool to communicate ideas, share important details, and send official documents around the world instantly. Inkjet and laser printers provide a way for us to print documents we create within seconds of making them. In house servers, cloud services and portable storage devices let us share documents, photos, videos and music with ease. We can now video conference with multiple people at once just like the old science fiction stories predicted.


Another side to this technology is the fact that our stuff brakes. It doesn’t last forever although I’ve seen a few computers that refuse to go quietly unto that good night. Eventually though they’re made obsolete by the ever changing standards of our world. Most devices however are doomed to fail by planned obsolescence, poor quality control, mishaps, or just plain ole’ wear and tear. On top of that we have the sinister world of people data mining, spamming, making malware, creating spyware, sending out viruses, injecting trojans, and trying to hack, all for one reason or another. It’s a wonder anyone can get anything done when it seems like so much is working against their productivity.


Computers are tools which help us complete tasks and we have to maintain those tools to get the most out of them. When your system fails you have two choices, fix it or replace it. I can help you evaluate which choice to make and if needed complete the repairs or deploy a new system after retrieving important files from the failed device.


If malicious software makes it’s way onto your workstation it needs to be removed as soon as possible to prevent potential data loss or data collection by those very sinister characters I mentioned earlier. I can help facilitate the process of cleaning off those harmful programs and getting the computer(s) running normal again.


Many companies limp along with slow, quirky workstations that create delays and prevent employees from doing their job in an efficient manner. I can help assess whats needed to turn those burdens into assets which boost employee performance rather than drag it down. I’m always amazed at what folks will put up with or deal with when it’s what they’re used to. Computers should be helping you not disabling you. Never accept mediocre from your tools, especially if your entire business relies on them.


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My goal is always to make the systems I maintain as fast and reliable as possible. If your interested in my services call 207-745-7380.


Current Labor Rates

Onsite (Your Location) = Billed at $80 per hour / minimum 1 hour / incremented in full hours

Offsite (My Location) = Billed at $40 per hour / minimum 1 hour / incremented in full hours